Roof and Gutter Works

Are you having roof or guttering problems? We are here to help!

With years of experience in roof restorations around Albury/ Wodonga, we are the right plumbers to help you out.

From a few cracked tiles & blocked gutters to general roof repairs with guttering and downpipes needing to be replaced our friendly team can assist you with it all.

Signs you need to have your roof inspected

  • There’s A Water Stain – Water stains may look like a large puddle on the ceiling, it can often be ringed with brown. However, it may not look like that at all. Some stains are difficult to see as they occur in darker corners, while others are small stains that could be a sign of a much larger leak. If you notice any discolouration on your ceiling or walls, inspect it a little closer & look for mould, moisture, and other signs of a leak.

  • Sometimes There’s A Drip – If you see drips, moisture on the walls, or moisture stains but don’t see them often, you may still have a leak in your roof. Even if that leak seems to go away, get it checked. Water can move under the laps in the roof and then dry again, causing intermittent leaks. The rule with leaks: if you see moisture, investigate, even if it seems to go away. Chronic moisture problems can cause permanent damage.

  • There Are Spots On Your Exterior Walls – Every so often, take a look under your roof line outdoors. What do you see? If there are water spots under there, you may have trouble where the walls meet the roof. Water spots in this location can point to problems with your flashing.

  • Your Walls Are Growing – If you have a mossy or mouldy exterior wall, it could be that it’s in a less-than-sunny spot, but it could also point to a problem with your downpipes or gutters. While they’re not made out of roofing material, downpipes and gutters form an integral part of your roofing system as they move water away from your roof and down into the ground. When one is leaking, you may see signs of erosion below the gutters and signs of moisture on the sides of your building exterior, depending on where the leak is located. Adding gutter covers and gutter heating and repairing sagging gutters can reduce your problems with clogged gutters.